At i Entertainment, our purpose is to create a custom team building program that fits your business need.  We work with you to bring your guests unique and exciting programs. In the process of doing so, we make planning the entertainment for your corporate event easier on you. We want to give you one less thing to worry about. 
Let us be your entertainment superheroes (capes and tights not included).


    Cameron Fox

    Cameron Fox (our Chief Creative Officer and owner) has over 17 years of experience as a professional emcee and entertainer with thousands of events to his credit (both corporate and social).  He is an active member of several event industry organizations including Meeting Planners International (MPI), the National Association of Catering and Events (NACE), and the International Society of Event Specialists (ISES).  He is a former board member of both NACE and ISES with several awards to his personal credit.  Through NACE he has been awarded the Event Professional of the Year and Entertainment Company of the year twice.  He is a professional public speaker, team building facilitator, and lead host for most of our game shows.  He has also taught improv and public speaking work shops.

        Tonya LeClair

        Tonya LeClair has been with i Entertainment longer than anyone short of our owner (and there are days when it’s a horse race between them).  Tonya is kinda perfect for us.  Having been a medical assistant with an extensive background in administrative work, she understands attention to detail which is critical in detailing client events.  She an ‘Organized Multi-tasking Planner’.  We’re pretty sure that those three words strung together all mean the same thing – but someone has to keep us straight and if those three words hit that point home, she can use all three.  She is also one of our lead pit bosses with our Casino Services and organizes both our dealer and contractor training classes (and she’s a stickler for being on time or early – so training our folks that way is a good thing).

        When she isn’t working with us, she is a dedicated wife of 24 years with a son who she is deeply (and rightfully) proud of.  She loves to bake.  it’s not unusual for there to be something in the break room that we all want that will violate our diets.  And on the weekends she teaches 3rd Grade Religious Educational classes for her church.  She is one of the rare folks who genuinely believes that you should try to be nice to everyone.  When you contract with i Entertainment, you’ll most likely talk with Tonya first.  She’ll take good care of you (so her being nice to everyone goes a long way in her job description).

            Heather Rendon

            We asked each of the staff what they would like to see when we put a bio on the website. Heather actually had this to say: “I’m funny. I’m the best. I have the best clothes. I have the most refined taste of anyone at i Entertainment. I’m humble.” Then she burst out laughing and thought we wouldn’t use any of that. Clearly she was wrong and we’re more evil than she expected. But you kind of need that outlook as the Area Sales Manager given that she is the face of i Entertainment. When you call (and if you are reading this, that means you’ll call and we appreciate it) you’ll usually talk with Heather. So being positive is a job requirement.

            Heather has a background in hospitality (we stole her from the hotel industry) and prides herself in having done every job that you can do at a hotel. Given how she hates to drive and swears she isn’t good at it – we’re assuming she means every job BUT valet. And least we’re hoping. She is also our resident animal lover. With an office dog we thought we had that area of the company covered until we met Heather. Heather literally owns her own menagerie. We won’t go into too much detail – but she’s working a little on her personal Noah’s Ark. When she starts building a wood frame boat, we’ll start watching the Weather Channel a little closer.

                Travis Ashley

                Travis is our Entertainment Specialist.  He sells and services for i Entertainment.  He has been training for a sales position for some time since he’s sold almost every door-to-door product you can think of (Cutco Knives, Kirby Vacuum cleaners, Organo Gold Coffee, and Primerica Finance).  However, Travis is unique in that he not only helps our clients with choosing the right entertainment for their event – he also services our clients by being an in demand disc jockey along with being a game show host, and team building facilitator.

                This Native Houstonian is an avid baseball player who also coaches a little league select baseball team.  He’s also a bit of a world traveler having at one point called Brazil, Australia, and London his home.  Parts of his life read like an action adventure novel.  We don’t know how to really string together a motorcycle riding, paint ball playing, sticky note hoarding bass player who plays in a local band who was almost on a season of NBC’s ‘Fear Factor’ but lost out in the last round.  So we’ll keep reworking that sentence in hopes we can accurately describe his novel worthiness.  That’s how we describe him to people ‘Novel Worthy’.

                    Anthony Beard

                    Anthony (or Tony as we call him) is our Event Services Manager. Tony handles all of our event staffing, equipment procurement, and vehicle logistics. He’s usually the first (and loudest) to say he loves his job. He loves how each event is different. That you can go to a hotel ballroom one week and we’re doing a prom, the next week we’re doing a team building, and the week after that we’re hosting a casino. All in the same place – just a different client and a different theme. It’s an ever-changing world in which we work in and he thrives in it. He also likes taking care of his staff. There are a lot of long hours and late nights and Tony cares about everyone who works for him.

                    Tony is also an Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq and a dedicated family man who is completely outnumbered at home by women. He is the proud father of three beautiful girls who he dearly loves. Tony finds his time with i Entertainment the funnest job he’s ever had and is the corner stone for our event operations.

                        Andre Campbell

                        This member of the Event Services team is a double threat around our office.  He’s working behind the scenes at i Entertainment with our equipment and staff so that we are turning out the best entertainment services in the business.  As a first generation American whose family started in Jamaica and came to our country and set down roots in Miami is his skills as both a DJ and an emcee.  Combine his electric personality with his audio engineering background and you have a high demand performer who is successful across almost any genre and style of music who is known to be a party starter.

                        Andre has regularly performed in front of thousands of guests and regardless if it’s a small interment gathering or a concert size venue event – Andre is comfortable in both worlds and will take care of his clients regardless while meeting and exceeding their expectations.  Every time.  No questions asked.  His calendar is limited on the weekends because he is booked often and in advance.  Andre is also very familiar with the behind the scenes of the record industry having handled record placements in mainstream markets.

                        Andre is also a devoted husband and father and both he and his family are an important part of the i Entertainment family.

                            Jamin Johnson

                            Jamin is our Operations / I.T. Administrator but is our “hero in the shadows”; hardly ever seen but always there to save the day. Jamin oversees our Financial Operations and Network Infrastructure groups.  He is responsible for bookkeeping, payroll, vendor and supply chain management, in house hardware and software support for iEntertainment.  If we had to describe Jamin, it would be “Tenacious Problem Solver”.  There is no challenge Jamin won’t take on and keep going until it’s solved.

                            Jamin holds an IT Degree and has 19 years of customer service, operations management, data analysis and supervisory experience. He also earned a Six Sigma White Belt.  Jamin likes to get out in the field. You may meet him at a Casino or team building event. Feel free to stop and talk; he’s a hoot and a half with all his talk of balance sheets and printer drivers (okay, this is why he’s not allowed to be a DJ).  When he’s not buried in spreadsheets, you’ll find him in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. His meatloaf is pretty freaking awesome!