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Planning a Prom or school dance? We have family friendly edits of today’s top hits to ensure that everything your students hear is completely appropriate. We go so far as to take songs out of our mix when the content is completely inappropriate for certain age groups. We stay away from songs that incite ‘mosh pits’ and inappropriate dancing among the students and to make sure the event doesn’t get parents calling you to complain.  We have young age appropriate DJ’s who know today’s music backwards and forwards.  There is nothing more awkward than a crusty man in his 50’s DJing a dance for teenagers.  Don’t have a 50 plus year old man DJ’ing your next school event.  Let one of our younger experienced DJ’s engage the students and give them a night they won’t soon forget!  Our entertainment specialists will meet with you to plan everything down to the last detail, so that all you have to worry about is making sure the students are picked up at the end of the night.