Isn’t technology fun?  Most of our competitors will rent you a classic 80’s game like Pacman™ and that one game will sit there all night and fans of Pacman™ will have a blast.  But there were a lot of other games that we just as popular.  Frogger™, Donkey Kong™, and even Space Invaders™ were just as popular.  There were dozens of games and to have each and everyone of those favorites in the same place at the same time could fill any hotel ballroom.  We have another option for you.  We have multicades.  We’ve taken the classic cabinet that you are used to playing on and we’ve taken out the single game mother board and replaced it with a 60 in 1 mother board.  Now there are dozens upon dozens of your favorite 80’s games on machine.  You can flashback with games like Pacman™, Frogger™, Donkey Kong™, and so many more on one machine!

You can have your own arcade as a part of your event! If you played it in the 70’s and 80’s, we have it. Don’t see it listed here? Ask us!

 Pac-Man  Mappy  Time Pilot
 Ms Pac-Man  Millipede  Pinball Action
 Pac-Man Plus  Moon Cresta  Van-Van Car
 JR Pac-Man  Mr. Do  Xevious
 Donkey Kong  Mr. Do’s Castle  Zaxxon
 Donkey Kong Junior  New Rally X  Frogger
 Donkey Kong 3  Pengo  Space Invaders
 Galaga  Pleiads 1942
 Galaga 3  Phoenix 1943
 Burger Time  Pooyan  Amidar
 Centipede  Qix  Arkanoid
 Gyruss  Scramble  Bomb Jack
 Hustler  Shao-Lin’s Road  Congo Bongo
 Ladybug  Space Panic  Crush
 Jumping Jack  Super Breakout  Dig Dug
 Juno First  Super Cobra  Dig Dug 2
 King & Balloon  Tank Battalion  Galaxian
 Gun Smoke
Classic-60in1-082511 300x450 Classic-Arcade4-092411 300x213 Pinball1-082511 300x633