Sports Games: Are you ready for some football? Or Golf? Or Basketball? We have a large selection of sports themed games to bring the action of the game to your next event! From active games you can bring down to the field of any stadium or cool new video games with the hottest sports games in the hands of your controller – we have it all in one place! Call one of our entertainment specialists today to talk about what our sports games can do for you!

Wii Gaming Station The quintessential answer to head-to-head competition! Projected on a 6’x 8′ pulled spandex screen – we have ‘super-sized’ some of the most popular games going right now. Each station includes a dedicated gaming system, screen, projector, and staffed by a facilitator who will keep a steady stream of guests playing the game and stopping ‘hogs’ from owning the arena. With one in every corner of your event you can entertain all of your guests with customizable fun and excitement! We offer some of the hottest games available right now!

  • Wii Play (Billiards / Fishing / shooting range / tanks / ping pong)
  • Wii Resort (sky diving / wake boarding / fencing / archery / frisbee golf)
  • Mario Kart (driving game)
  • Madden NFL
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