Cameron Fox

    Cameron Fox (our Chief Creative Officer and owner) has over 17 years of experience as a professional emcee and entertainer with thousands of events to his credit (both corporate and social).  He is an active member of several event industry organizations including Meeting Planners International (MPI), the National Association of Catering and Events (NACE), and the International Society of Event Specialists (ISES).  He is a former board member of both NACE and ISES with several awards to his personal credit.  Through NACE he has been awarded the Event Professional of the Year and Entertainment Company of the year twice.  He is a professional public speaker, team building facilitator, and lead host for most of our game shows.  He has also taught improv and public speaking work shops.

        William Hale

        William Hale has an impressive resume, more so than just about any of the professionals who work with i Entertainment.  He has been an on air talent of his own television talk show called ‘Raising Hale’ in Los Angeles.  He has also been an on air talent of his own radio show called ‘The Sports Fanatics’ on KTST 89.5 FM The Block in Anaheim.  He’s also been the Editor-in-Chief of a magazine called ‘Nite Guide’ that would talk about the hottest clubs, bars, restaurants, and concerts in Southern California.

        He’s had a couple of live shows in Las Vegas including ‘Magic-n-Madness’ at Treasure Island, The Venetian, and The Grand Clarion where he performed stand up comedy and would work with an Illusionist.   
He is the author of the comedy column “JUST SAYIN” in “NITEGUIDE MAGAZINE.” 

Co-Producer/Host of  “THE CALIFORNIA COMEDY FESTIVAL” which was held in six comedy clubs throughout Southern California.

        William has performed live stand-up comedy all across the country and the world from LA to New York to England to Germany to Turkey. He could also be seen on B.E.T, HBO, MTV, and National Lampoon to name a few. 

He has also performed in such places as Texas Stadium, The Superdome, The King Dome, Dunnes River Falls Resort in Jamaica, The International Model & Talent Convention, The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, The Improvs in Hollywood-Irvine-Brea-Ontario- Chicago, The Funny Bone and Zanies. 

William has also enjoyed a modeling career working with companies such as DADA Sports Wear and Gingis Formal Wear.

        When he moved to Texas, he looked for an entertainment company that could handle his talent and give him as many outlets to express that talent as possible.  So he found i Entertainment and we were happy to give him a home.  He brings all this to bear as one of the most requested performers we have working today.  He is our most requested Game Show host.  He is a DJ who is highly in demand.  He is a team building facilitator managing dozens of our programs and working hundreds of clients each week.  He is professional but funny and knows what it means to ‘host’ and not be center of attention.  He has literally seen it all, done it all, and is someone you should ask for when calling i Entertainment.

            Jesse Cain

            Jesse Cain has been talented his entire life. We aren’t counting his first live performance in the 3rd grade where he won 1st place for covering and dancing to Weird AL Yankovic (true story) or his three years in his junior high tenor choir (also true). We aren’t counting his family’s musical roots as professional country singers or even in 4th grade when he attempted to create his own surround sound system (sadly . . . true).

            We almost count his Rock Band expert status (we know Rock Band isn’t an instrument – but if Jesse could figure out how to make it pay – he wouldn’t have to work any more). What we do consider is all of his musical talent, and his infectious personality to make him one of the best up and coming mobile disc jockeys with i Entertainment.

            He’s also an artist and has won numerous awards for drawing and painting. He has a genuine love of music and with thirteen plus years in the customer service industry – he has a natural ability to take care of his client better than anyone. He is often requested because clients strongly feel that he can take better care of them than anyone else on the i Entertainment staff. That says a lot about our Jesse.

                Mark Lane

                Mark isn’t just pretty (ok, he’s definitely pretty . . . he used to be a model . . . so he’s got ‘pretty’ covered). He’s also talented. Mark loves music and the music industry. He’s been a producer and worked in the studio both with artists and as an artist. But he says being a mobile DJ is the most rewarding work because of the instant connection he has with his clients and their guests.

                He’s also one of the most professional guys we have in our arsenal. He understands that he is representing his client when he is working an event and being a former military man – he understands attention to detail. He describes himself as an energetic guy who likes to have fun but also wants to make sure that everyone has fun as well. If you aren’t out on the floor dancing – then it’s his goal to find a way to make that happen. You really can’t ask more than that from your entertainer.

                    Travis Ashley

                    Travis is our Entertainment Specialist.  He sells and services for i Entertainment.  He has been training for a sales position for some time since he’s sold almost every door-to-door product you can think of (Cutco Knives, Kirby Vacuum cleaners, Organo Gold Coffee, and Primerica Finance).  However, Travis is unique in that he not only helps our clients with choosing the right entertainment for their event – he also services our clients by being an in demand disc jockey along with being a game show host, and team building facilitator.

                    This Native Houstonian is an avid baseball player who also coaches a little league select baseball team.  He’s also a bit of a world traveler having at one point called Brazil, Australia, and London his home.  Parts of his life read like an action adventure novel.  We don’t know how to really string together a motorcycle riding, paint ball playing, sticky note hoarding bass player who plays in a local band who was almost on a season of NBC’s ‘Fear Factor’ but lost out in the last round.  So we’ll keep reworking that sentence in hopes we can accurately describe his novel worthiness.  That’s how we describe him to people ‘Novel Worthy’.

                        Rob Winters

                        Rob is seriously one of the best DJ’s working for i Entertainment. The problem is, he is so humble that he would never (ever) admit it. Rob is (by far) one of the most experienced DJ’s working for us. He is insanely talented and his ability to fill a dance floor with his music selection and beat mixing skills is unmatched. You wouldn’t think it by looking at him – but what the man can do with music is jaw dropping. Most of our other DJ’s are just jealous of his ability with a laptop and a sound board.

                        Along with being one of the most sought after DJ’s in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Rob is one of our team building facilitators and casino dealers. He has been with the i Entertainment the longest and has more events under his belt than any of our other staffers. Other than our owner, he has done more events with i Entertainment than anyone listed on this page. Most clients are looking for an affordable, easy to work with, and talented DJ. That describes Rob perfectly. If you have a chance to work with him – jump on it! You’ll be glad you did!

                            Andre Campbell

                            This member of the Event Services team is a double threat around our office.  He’s working behind the scenes at i Entertainment with our equipment and staff so that we are turning out the best entertainment services in the business.  As a first generation American whose family started in Jamaica and came to our country and set down roots in Miami is his skills as both a DJ and an emcee.  Combine his electric personality with his audio engineering background and you have a high demand performer who is successful across almost any genre and style of music who is known to be a party starter.

                            Andre has regularly performed in front of thousands of guests and regardless if it’s a small interment gathering or a concert size venue event – Andre is comfortable in both worlds and will take care of his clients regardless while meeting and exceeding their expectations.  Every time.  No questions asked.  His calendar is limited on the weekends because he is booked often and in advance.  Andre is also very familiar with the behind the scenes of the record industry having handled record placements in mainstream markets.

                            Andre is also a devoted husband and father and both he and his family are an important part of the i Entertainment family.

                                James Stoker

                                James has been a DJ at i Entertainment since we opened the doors. We were talking about what to name our company and James said ‘the best name I’ve ever heard is Poundcake Wallace’. Obviously we didn’t name the company ‘Pound Cake’ entertainment – but we do refer to James as Poundcake from time-to-time (you have to admit – it’s a great nick name).

                                Our Dallas native is one of the best mixing DJ’s working for us. With a score of events to his name, James is one of our most referred, most requested entertainers who also has background in music. He is a self taught guitarist, pianist, and trumpeter (or is it trumpist? . . . gonna have to look that one up). James has also become a respected lyricist and poet performing around the Metroplex. One word of caution about James . . . do not, under any circumstances, play him at Scrabble. He is a self-proclaimed ‘Scrabble Master Mind’. We don’t know what that means other than ‘don’t play Pound Cake at Scrabble’.