Two teams come head-to-head in this classic American game show. Questions can be fun general trivia or completely customizable company trivia.

General Trivia:  If you are looking for a fun way to wind down your conference or an upbeat way to add a little competitive spice to a holiday party or a summer picnic – Family Feud is the way to go. Teams can be created by just the people sitting down who are having dinner together. The general questions are family friendly and HR appropriate with questions like ‘Name 5 places you wouldn’t want to be when your cell phone rings’ or ‘what would you do if you found a co-worker sleeping at their desk’.

Specific Company Trivia:  We have several clients who use Family Feud as a part of their conference. How many times have you attended a conference and it felt like you were sitting through six hours of a power point presentation? More times than you care to admit.

Bring something new to the table! We use Family Feud to recap the information that was just covered in the session. So instead of it being “these are the top markets we want to focus on in the coming year” its exciting game show action with ‘Top 5 Answers on the board – here’s the question: name the top markets we want to focus on!” Lit battle controllers, high energy music, a funny and engaging emcee bring it all together to create something new and unique that your guests won’t soon forget.

Family Feud is also perfect for rehearsal dinners, family reunions, and high school reunions. Bring your guests together in a unique way by having Family Feud at your next event!

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