One of the hottest game shows on television is NBC’s Hollywood Game Night.

Now admittedly, we don’t have the budget for six celebrities to put with two contestants on the couches. But we have the couches and some of the same unique games offered on the show. With five games offered during each game show – we can put the right games together for your next conference. Several of the games lend themselves very well to incorporate specific learning through fun as opposed to repetition. Games could include:

But Wait There’s More!:

This is a game about late night infomercial products. Pairs of celebrity players (one from each team) are shown one of those products and the host gives clues to the item and then the players are shown eight words divided into two columns of four; two of which form the name of the product (one from each side). The first player to buzz-in gets first shot at guessing. They go back & forth until one celebrity guesses the correct product name and scores two points.

In Other Words:

Two players compete at a time, one per team. They are shown a famous movie quote, and the first one to buzz in has 15 seconds to get his or her teammates to say the line by paraphrasing it, without using any of the original words (including prepositions and articles appearing in the title). A correct answer is worth two points; if time runs out, or if the player says any original words, the other team scores.

Smash The Buzzer:

All eight players participate. A category is given, along with items that may or may not fit. When a player hears an item that fits, the first to smash the buzzer gets a point, and the right to eliminate an opponent. If wrong, they are eliminated, and the opponent gets the point.