What is the best game show for learning?

This brainy game is what all other game shows are judged. When you think ‘game show’ – you think ‘Jeopardy’.

Now you can bring Jeopardy to your next event or company training exercise. Jeopardy is perfect for taking the boring afternoon Power Point presentation – and kicking it up a notch so that your co-workers can learn through ‘fun’ as opposed to ‘repetition’. We even work in ‘Daily Doubles’ and let you answer in the form of a question. This is the game show that teaches while you have fun. Play big. Win big.

This is the ultimate training tool. Period. Hands down. Thanks for playing. How many times have you attended a conference and it felt like you were sitting through six hours of a Power Point presentation? Companies repeatedly have long conferences with speakers presenting and reviewing talking points to a sea of faces (most of whom have blank stares). Jeopardy changes all of that. Recap your important information through fun and entertainment as opposed to a dry presentation hoping that attendees will retain the highlights you need them to walk away with.

Four players come head-to-head in this classic American game show. Questions can be fun general trivia or completely customizable company trivia. We are happy to provide general questions that are family friendly and HR appropriate with categories like ‘Texas Trivia’ or ‘Things You Need to know about Fort Worth’.

With specific company trivia we have several clients who use
Jeopardy as a part of their conference. Players can be chosen at random or you can highlight the knowledge of the management team in front your attendees.

Bring something new to the table! We use Jeopardy to recap the information that was just covered in the session. Lit battle controllers, high energy music, a funny and engaging emcee bring it all together to create something new and unique that your guests won’t soon forget.

Jeopardy is also perfect for rehearsal dinners, family reunions, and high school reunions. Bring your guests together in a unique way by having Jeopardy at your next event!


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