This is the ultimate prize delivery system using a combination of cash, gift cards, silly prizes and serious prizes to make your guests leave not just with a fun prize – but the memory of an awesome party! It’s the original television game show brought to your next event. What is behind door Number 1? Curtain Number 2? Box Number 3? Only one way to find out – Let’s Make a Deal!

Every game show is designed to do something different with your audience. Some game shows are trivia based. Some game shows are based on the skill level of the participants. Other game shows test how well a team works together. This game show is designed for one thing and one thing only . . . to be a prize delivery system!

Never again will you have to pull raffle tickets out of a bowl to give away dozens of door prizes! With Let’s Make a Deal – your guests get the fun and entertainment of a game show with the rewards of receiving prizes. We recommend not only using cash or gift cards as prizes but you are encouraged to give away a variety of both actual prizes that have value (like electronics or merchandise) or fun “gag” gifts. We’ve seen clients give away a new car (well . . . a Hot Wheel) and new Apple Products (oh, were you thinking gifts from Mac . . . try apple sauce, apple juice, and Apple Jacks). And if you can’t think of those fun gag gifts – don’t worry – we’ll share some of the ideas we’ve seen from past clients.

Now the TV version found the guests in costumes. We don’t encourage (or for that matter – discourage) guests from dressing up. But costumes aren’t required for this game show (unless you want to see your attendees dress up as a toaster or farm animal). Any way you shake it – this is one of the most popular game shows we offer. People constantly wonder – what’s behind Door Number 1? What’s behind Curtain Number 2? What’s behind Box Number 3? There really is only one way to find out – Let’s Make a Deal!


Let's Make a Deal