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Do you remember as a kid when you used to draw little stick figure characters in the corner of your note book pages and then flip those pages to make a mini movie? Take that same idea – replace it with video – and you have flip books!

Flip Books are the most unique photography entertainment going today. Your guests do a five to six second routine in front of our video camera. We then print that video onto paper and cut and collate that paper so that the pictures are in order. We wrap those pages in a custom cover, staple the spine of the book, and hand your guests a their own flip book in just a couple of minutes. Guests will show their books around your event through out the evening and these pocket size keep sakes will be treasured for years to come.

These are the perfect favors for weddings, corporate launch parities, or just holiday party entertainment. Social and corporate clients love flip books. The customized covers can be created with your company logo, a specific picture, or contact information on each book. It’s a promotion teams dream come true with pure customization on this product at every turn and that customization doesn’t change the price of the service (how often can you say that?).

We can do 30 to 40 sessions in an hour with as many books as their are guests in each session. If there are two people in a session – then you’ll get two books. if there are four people in a session – then you’ll get four books. The number of books is only limited by the number of people in the book. Each flip book station comes complete with props and two attendants to make sure your guests have an excellent experience and so they get their flip books quickly and easily.

Flip books are one of the most versatile photography products offered today. Check them out for your next event!