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The location of your dreams is a photo away! With green screen photography you can place nearly any image or location that you can think of as the back drop for your photo. This is the perfect way to tie in the theme at any event. Are you doing a casino night event? Let us provide Las Vegas backgrounds of the strip or marquees of the great hotels. Are you doing an Around the World in 80 Days theme? Then let’s have the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, or any landmark you can think of. What about imaginary places? Want to go to City? How about a Dr. Suess book? These are all available and more. You are only limited by your imagination.

We provide everything you need for this service. A simple green back drop, a professional photographer, and on-site printing of 4” x 6” images for everyone who is in the picture. Regardless if you have 1 person or 10 – we’ll print out as many pictures as there are guests in the photo. Your guests will get their print in just a couple of minutes and we’ll give you a disc of all the images after the event for no additional charge. And speaking of no additional charges – if you want to put your logo or put the name of the event along the bottom of every photo – we’re happy to include that as well! Green screen is fun, easy, and a perfect keepsake for nearly any event!

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