Bikes w/ Benefits

Teams work together to . . . build a bike (sometimes we get lucky and find the perfect name of the program). The twist is that some teams have three wheels, some teams have four pedals, and some teams do not have seats . . . and what about the tools? It is team vs. team with people negotiating for parts and pieces all the while having to beat the competition to build your bike the fastest.

Did you think about who you are building the bikes for? We can present your charity as the emotional component of this program so that you are re-energizing your group with a specific goal. This allows you to pick your favorite charity. You will watch your co-workers do a complete 180 as their motivations change from winning . . . to helping.

This is our most popular philanthropic team building programs. Bikes w/ Benefits is a fun, exciting, and worthwhile charity event and no one has organized more bike donations than our team of professional facilitators.

Teams will utilize tools including organization, delegation, collaboration, communication – and some mechanical skills. Your bike build will strengthen your team and touch their hearts while helping children in need. It will be a moment that all will remember – a day where everyone wins.

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