Bitter Fowl

Imagine if you are a bird and you were catapulted out of a sling shot and sent at a high velocity to hit a stone, wood, glass, or a pig. You’d be bitter too! We have taken the hottest phone app ever and turned it into an actual high-octane Team Building event that everyone will be talking about.

It is basically golf. Now, instead of little white golf balls, you get plush “Bitter Fowl” birds and you have to meet the ‘par’ at each station.

The best part – it is Team Building through destruction! We provide each station with a specific set-up that you have to knock down. Each team has only so much time to make par before moving to the next station. Scoring is tracked just like golf with the team having the lowest score winning.

If you do not knock all the pigs off the table – your team has to reset the structure the way they found it and try again until all the pigs have been knocked off the table. The clock is running – so you better hurry. It takes teamwork and communication to figure out how to hit the structures and to rebuild when you miss your target to complete this challenge!