Casino Team Building

This fun event is a combination of measured Team Building activities and the risk/reward of blackjack, poker and a pair of dice! Working in teams, this fun and competitive event starts off with a few fast paced challenges that result in an initial score for each team.

The scores are posted on the scoreboard for all to see. We start by asking each team to identify a leader who will represent the group during the poker and blackjack hands. We then begin with the initial activity, a “Card Racing” event, where a deck of cards (each team is represented with its own deck of cards) is organized in competition against the other teams. Points and playing cards are given to the team leaders based on the results.

After five rounds, a poker hand is established and the teams are allowed to bet up to half of their team points. Teams quickly huddle to determine their level of risk tolerance and the poker hands are shown. The scoreboard is updated and the competition continues. Another quick round of new activities is completed – which include the percentages in the roll of a pair of dice and a blackjack hand against the “house facilitator”. Teams are now quickly moving up and down the board based on outright skill and an understanding of playing the percentages (and maybe a little luck!).

The next activity involves teams coordinating a short object-tossing event with the last catch being placed on a statistics board for the rolling of a pair of dice. Big points are awarded for the two rounds of this event. After a single poker hand reshuffles the standings one last time, a final Team Building activity will determine the winner! Recommended for small groups of up to five people per team.