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Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth

Mini Golf Course Build

Mini Golf Course Build requires creativity and collaboration from every participant. Each group must work together in designing a truly unique mini golf green. Even though basic materials are supplied, teams will not be prevented from “borrowing” or bartering for additional items for construction.

Collaboration is important as teams brainstorm together. Creativity is also a key factor as groups work to make your team’s the winning hole. The more unique the hole, the better the team score. All teams will be graded on creativity. This event encourages great camaraderie and even the most experienced golfers will enjoy the unique challenge offered by this competition. So, whether you birdie, bogie or hole in one, your team will all feel like pros in this better-than-PGA golf classic!


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth

Bitter Fowl (aka Angry Birds )

We cannot call it ‘Angry Birds’ because there are copyright issues.  We have taken the hottest phone app ever and turned it into an actual high-octane team building event that everyone will be talking about.  It is basically golf. However, instead of little white golf balls you get plush Bitter Fowl Birds and you have to meet the ‘par’ at each station.  The best part – it is team building through destruction!

We provide each station with a specific set-up that you have to knock down. Each team has only so much time to make par before moving to the next station.  Scoring is tracked just like golf. The team with the lowest score at the end of the day wins. If you do not knock over the structure, and knock all the pigs off the table – your team has to reset the structure and try again until all the pigs have been knocked off the table. The clock is running – so you better hurry.  It takes teamwork and communication to figure out how to hit the structures and to rebuild when you miss your target to complete this challenge!


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth

Trash Boat Regatta

Our “Castaway Boat Build” will challenge your boat-making skills. Your group will be divided into teams who are tasked with developing a plan to design and build seaworthy boats to race in the Trash Boat Regatta. Teamwork and consensus building are the keys to success in this sink and swim program.

This is a great indoor or outdoor team building event that is perfect for any group, even land lovers, since only two team members will actually have to sail your team’s creation. The non-sailing crew has plenty to do for the sailing crewmembers, including developing a team flag, sailors chant and decorating the team sailor’s caps. This event can be done in any size of pool, clean lake or even the ocean.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth

Line Dance Team Building

Yes, you read that right. So you think you can dance? Now you can. Your group is brought together to learn three specific line dances (it helps to get you in the mood). Learn to cupid shuffle. Learn to cha-cha slide. Learn to hand jive. Now take what you have learned and apply it to your own line dance! The group will be broken up into multiple music stations.

Each station has a facilitator and compact disc jockey set-up so your team can start working on their line dance. A pre-set song list will be provided to each team that you can approve beforehand. Teams will be judged by their final performance and we can even have each team teach their dance to the entire group. A new corporate theme song and company dance is only a few dance steps away with this team building.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth

The Ultimate Board Game

The Ultimate Board Game is fun, energizing, fun, exhilarating, fun, competitive and …oh yes…FUN! This high-energy team building activity requires subgroups to compete against each other by answering trivia questions and completing assigned problem solving tasks while moving around a giant “game-board”! If a team lands on a trivia square, the leader grabs a trivia question from the box and quickly agrees on an answer with the team. If correct, you earn a poker chip worth ten points! If incorrect, you earn no points. In either case, you must immediately roll the dice again to continue moving along the game board. If you land on a challenge square, you will visit the challenge arena and will be given a mini-activity to complete as a team.

Additional points in the form of white poker chips are also awarded throughout the event for exceptional leadership, team spirit and enthusiasm. In fact, thousands of points will be given out in this manner with the best teams taking full advantage by demonstrating unbridled enthusiasm! This event is nonstop action!


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth

Recycled Racing

The guys on TV make it look so easy! Now it is your team’s turn to “pimp” someone’s ride with our Recycled Racing program! Team members will work together to build a car according to the specifications given in an owner profile, which will outline the look, speed and budget. While the TV mechanics work with chrome, electronics and the latest hardware; your member mechanics will be making recyclable vehicles made with reusable foam board, cardboard, PVC pipe, wheels and axles.

Each car and team will be judged on your ability to work together, following a budget and building according to the outlined specifications. The final challenge will be a downhill race on a plywood track! Strengthen your group’s communication skills while promoting a sense of camaraderie; Recycled Racing is the best deal on wheels! This team building activity is designed for two or three people teams maximum.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth

Record Breakers

Will your team be the Record Breakers Champs? In this ultra competitive event, the goal is quite simple – win the most extra-point metals while also taking as many positions as possible on the gold, silver and bronze scoreboard! Each team can compete in any of the activities as many times as you like (based on their strategy), with some teams getting very good at certain activities. Since most of these activities only take a minute or two to complete, any given team may run through dozens of attempts at the various events perhaps dominating a particular event or two on the board – until other teams notice the strategy and counterattack!

Teams are constantly improving, thus knocking old bests off of the board, earning bonus points and leaving teams scrambling to put up new great results! These challenges include a shooting competition, airplane flight, balloon passing, the penny bounce and many, many more! This activity has it all – planning, strategy, cunning, and outright teamwork, leaving one team to bask alone in the glory of the Record Breaker Champs!


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth

Project Delivery

Project Delivery is a synergistic activity where teams collaborate to build a single large marble delivery system with interconnected segments. Teams build each section of the system, keeping in mind that communication and collaboration with other teams is essential, as in the end the marbles must freely travel from one end to the other aided only by the laws of physics! Each component of this team building program is designed to give participants an opportunity to contribute in the concept, design, purchasing and production of the pipeline analogous to a real-world product delivery system.

The ultimate test occurs with the challenge of delivering the most marbles possible in five-minutes! This includes having to use the previously established “pipeline” activity as the only allowable method of transporting the marbles from the end of the pipeline structure back to the beginning!


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth
Project Trade show

Project Trade Show is an insightful and effective program that will create a tremendous impact on several levels. The program’s emphasis is based on re-educating and expanding the existing knowledge base throughout your organization on the function of each team, and its critical importance to the company. We start off by providing each group with a predetermined set of props and materials and asking them to create a trade show booth complete with visuals and a short presentation.

Each group will use the provided template to quickly break down their job responsibilities into small, digestible parts and determine how to get others to feel connected to them. The challenge of quickly identifying the duties of each team energizes the group while allowing them to showcase the skills and attributes which benefit other teams and the organization at large. The result is that everyone leaves feeling a newfound respect and appreciation for all departments, and rejuvenated in its efforts to operate as one interconnected organization.