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Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthBikes W/ Benefits
Teams work together to . . . build a bike. The twist is that some teams have three wheels, some teams have four pedals, and some teams don’t have seats . . . and what about the tools? It’s team vs. team with people negotiating for parts and pieces all the while having to beat their competition to build their bike the fastest.

You will watch your co-workers do a complete 180 as their motivations change from winning . . . to helping. Teams will utilize tools including organization, delegation, collaboration, communication – and some mechanical skills. Your bike Build will strengthen your team and touch their hearts while helping children in need. It will be a moment that all will remember – a day where everyone wins.



Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthBuild a Box for our Troops
Teams will be judged on the time it takes to complete their challenges. Teams work through a series of engaging team building activities leading up to the assembling of care packages for our military heroes! This is a unique opportunity to actually connect directly to our soldiers overseas in a personal way!

Your group is formed into teams of six for fun and challenging activities, which incorporate teambuilding, communication, innovation, and leadership development. Teams use their points to put together the best care-package possible for our military troops. Our care packages include the top 20 items requested by our men and women overseas with no holds barred! These gift packages are a surprise out of the blue, providing a break from the difficult conditions and put smiles on the faces of our extended family. These box are designed for military personnel based overseas. Important items could include: toothbrush, toothpaste, DVDs of movies, music CD’s, books, magazines / comic books, snacks, and clothing. We recommend five to seven items in each basket.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthDonation Nation Care Packages
Donation Nation is a wonderful philanthropic program where your group navigates through a series of engaging team-building activities leading up to the assembling of care packages for people in need. We can work with any charity you choose.

Once the charity has been revealed, the final stage of the event is where teams use their points to put together the best Care Package possible for the charity you have chosen. A personal touch will be included in the form of letters written to the recipients. completed care packages will be delivered to the charity at the end of the program. You’ll be amazed at how energizing this event can be for everyone involved, and what your team can accomplish back at work after an event like this, which pulls everyone together for a rewarding cause.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthLeave a Legacy
The Leave a Legacy program is a wonderful way to make a difference in your community. Your teams will build rocking chairs, reading benches, rocking horses, storage cubbies and/or bookshelves that will be donated to local schools and childcare centers. Countless children will use the items over the years. In essence, you will be creating a lasting learning legacy. In this activity, participants work in teams to help provide an environment that fosters motivation for, and exposure to, literacy by building and stocking bookshelves that will be donated to a school in the local community where your meeting/event takes place.

This program is not a competition of speed but a competition of pride in the quality products and workmanship that the teams provide. We will partner with local schools and care centers at the site of your event and at the end of the program, a representative from the benefiting school will be present to accept the donation and thank the group for their teamwork. This is a very popular, very rewarding event that will have a lasting effect on your team for years to come. The Leave a Legacy program includes all materials, tools and supplies.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthCharity Mini Golf Course Build
The Charity Golf Course Build is miniature golf at its best! Your group builds and plays a golf course and then donates the building materials! Everyone must work together in designing a truly unique golf hole. In the tradition of the popular miniature golf course, each team will design and build a golf hole using canned goods and boxed dry goods along with other recyclable materials including carpet greens. Creativity is the key for this event, which promotes camaraderie and creativity within the teams and the entire group. After your mini Augusta course has been completed, teams will choose golfers to represent them in competition play.

There is task for everybody on the team from golfers to scorekeepers and course marshals. Even experienced golfers will enjoy the challenge of this uniquely designed course. Once the tournament is complete, the groceries will be boxed and presented to a local food bank. Most other material using in the program, including paper products, are recycled.
So, whether you birdie, bogie or make a hole in one, your team will all feel like pros in this better-than-PGA golf classic! And you will experience the joy that comes when giving to those in need.

Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthBridge to the Future
Our Bridge to the Future program involves numerous sub-teams working together to build an actual bridge, which has the strength and integrity to support the weight of a manned golf cart driven across it! There are two amazing aspects of this bridge project.

First, that each section will be an independent and colorful artistic representation of the organization’s future mission and goals, and second, that the structure is assembled using only cardboard and duct tape as the principle building materials. We start off by forming the group into teams. Team leaders are chosen and are responsible for ensuring that the team sticks to the tight deadlines, which are identified in the handouts. In each sub-team tasks will be delegated to include cardboard cutters, column designers and builders. The finished product is a wonderfully creative interpretation of the current status and future vision of the organization. After proving the integrity of the bridge with the golf cart, the entire team will gather on the bridge for team pictures.