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Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthSalsa Showdown
Each team will have a designated table equipped with a cooking pot, mixing spoons, knives, cutting boards, plastic aprons, markers, and utensils. Within the allotted amount of time, each team must create a recipe, prepare their dish, develop a team name, design a team logo and market their creation.

Teams will be judged on creativity, presentation and taste. Judges can either be members of the participating company or event staff. A head judge will be provided to aid in program flow and scoring. This fine panel of judges will then sample and score all creations based on the best tasting, the spiciest, and other criteria. For extra pep, you can add a Margarita or Sangria Challenge to this event.



Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthCake Decorating
Teamwork through baking is the essential idea here. Your group will separate into teams, where they will be given supplies (pre-made cupcakes, icing, decorations, aprons, hats, and a presentations table) and will compete in the ultimate bakeoff! The twist is that the teams must collectively come up with a theme, then elect a captain (The Head Chef) who will assign different duties to the teams such as cake decoration, apron & hat decoration, and who will come up with the “Bakers Chant” given at the Grand Parade of Cakes. There will be three prizes given for Culinary Champion, Best Presentation, and Most Creative. We also have a Cupcake Art program where each team member is given part of a logo or picture and he or she must decorate his or her piece of the puzzle (cupcakes). Once completed, the team puts the pieces together to form the “big picture”. After celebrating their success after every program, the teams eat their wonderful artwork and reflect on the hilarious, sugar-filled experience that teaches the true meaning of teamwork.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthWonka’s Factory
The program begins with the history and future of Chocolate! Your group will be formed into teams of chocolate companies and have to figure out what exotic flavor their team will specialize in. All the teams will taste curious and colorful candies and decide as a team which unusual flavor will be theirs. Each team will build a unique chocolate structure using our Chocolate Fountain for cement.
The challenge is to incorporate their supplied building materials (that they haven’t already eaten!) with one element that is theirs alone. The chocolate construction utilizes a healthy dose of competition, but it’s tempered by the need for cooperation. Chocolate Challenge is an exciting, sweet and surprising team builder that anyone would enjoy!