Our iHunt is a cool, high-tech version of our popular photo and paper-based scavenger-hunts. Instead of receiving clues on a sheet of paper, teams use their own smart phones with simple instructions and a map of the hunt area.

Our iHunt will have your team co-operating with one another and building great memories. With our iHunt all you need is your brain, your thumb and a smart phone. During the iHunt, all clues and challenges will be transmitted through text and email to keep teams fully engaged. This hunt is high-tech, fast paced and fully interactive.

Each team experiences a different game path with challenges and various opportunities to score points. Armed with their smart phones, teams must app-raise their first clue before they can race out the door. Can you find the address of your first location? Use your “World Clock” app and you can! Download our specially made YouTube video. Compete on a free video game for more points. Should you go down the next street? Your mac-visor will send you texts, pictures and downloadable clues to help you along the way.

When teams reach each location, you will be asked to solve challenges. Sometimes this involves taking creative photos with your teammates, other times it is collecting items or solving a location-based riddle.

If the challenge is photo-based then your team leader simply texts back “DONE” after taking the photo and you will receive the next clue. You might even play Luke Skype-walker to prove to the mac-visor that you have arrived.

Photos can be sent in directly from the team leader’s cell phone, or can be uploaded from the digital camera after the hunt. At the end of the hunt you will have collected all the information you need to figure out the final clue and reach the finish line. Once you are there, you will find the fun is just beginning! Get ready to r-app your team’s song. You will not believe the background music! While you group is singing, we are hard at work downloading all the photos from your hunt. The program ends with a fast and fun slide show of photos your teams have taken along your hunt. Utilizing loads of apps, our iHunt is REALLY (and virtually) FUN!