Incredible Race

In the “Incredible Race”, now you can compete in a fantastic “Amazing Race”-type event – and avoid the fallout of being on reality TV.

Your group will be divided into teams who will each come up with something that unifies them. Next, you will receive your racecourse and a clue to your first stop along the raceway. In the “Incredible Race”, it is time for you and your team to learn about cooperation while competing against other teams from your group. The “Incredible Race” Team Building will push your group’s buttons and boundaries with fantastic games that will have teams eating, finding, and creating things together.

Team may have to work out a ten minute dance lesson at a dance studio, roll out hoses at a fire station and hook them to a hydrant, find objects on beach with a metal detector, or ride a roller coaster. We will custom create a course for your group focusing on your goals and utilizing the uniqueness of your group and venue.

We have stuffed folks into sculptures, made them metallurgists, bribed them to buy baubles and of course, made them sing in public. Your teams will be tested on your teamwork without you even realizing it as the adrenaline of winning the race will keep you on your toes. No one loses with this fun, fast-paced, “Incredible Race” – but who will win?!