Mini Golf Course

The Mini Golf Course Build requires creativity and collaboration from every participant. Your group will be divided into competition-size teams of 8 to 10 people.

Each team must work together in designing a truly unique mini golf green. In choosing a venue for this event, space requirements must be considered. Each team will need approximately 100 square feet. Materials such as indoor / outdoor carpet, boxes, tubes and construction paper will be made available at building stations located around the golf course.

Basic materials will be supplied, but teams will not be prevented from “borrowing” or bartering for additional items for construction. Collaboration is important as teams brainstorm together. Creativity is also key as teams work to make theirs the winning hole.

All teams will be graded on creativity. After each hole has been constructed, teams will choose a golfer to represent them in the competition. The rest of the team members will have specific tasks such as scorekeeper (a role that definitely fosters trust), course marshal to monitor rules, and caddy – the golfer’s greatest asset.

This event encourages camaraderie and even the most experienced golfers will enjoy the unique challenge offered by this competition. So, whether you birdie, bogie or hole-in-one, your team will all feel like pros in this better-than-PGA golf classic! Once the competition has ended, and a winner has been determined, a grand awards ceremony known as the “19th Hole” will take place. Prizes will be awarded for creativity, lowest score, best score and overall best team. This is a perfect time for refreshments and debriefing the various team-building elements that groups used throughout the day.