Photo Scavenger Hunt

Teams will be given a “map” that will guide you on your journey as you work to recreate several picture poses and camera angles provided for you. General venue trivia and / or games clues will be provided as additional brainteasers. These are worth additional bonus points.

As pictures are taken – team facilitators will judge the pictures with digital cameras provided for this activity. Teams are encouraged to use their facilitators who know the area. The EXACT pose and camera angle are extremely important. We do not encourage you to rush and some of the angles are tricky and require team help. We want you to use different people in each shot so that everyone can play (and we get better pictures at the end of the program). At the starting point, your group will be divided into teams. The ending time and location is announced and off the teams go, completing the following tasks:

  • Photo Challenge: Your teams will review a long list of photo clues and choose which ones to attempt in the allotted time. Points vary per clue, so it is important for teams to carefully choose between distance to location, difficulty and number of points.
  • Questions Challenge: Teams will choose from a list of local trivia questions, designed to share fun facts about the host city or venue, then set out to find the answers by including various important stops in your travels.
  • Items Challenge: Teams must gather a number of local objects and artifacts to add points.

Armed with easy-to-use digital cameras, participants must travel as a team and stay together at all times. All team members, except for the photographer, must be in the photographs and the participants must rotate through the photographer role to insure everyone’s smiles are captured.