Recycled Racing

The guys on TV make it look so easy! Now it is your team’s turn to “pimp” someone’s ride with our Recycled Racing program!

Team members will work together to build a car according to the specifications given in an owner profile, which will outline the look, speed and budget. While the TV mechanics work with chrome, electronics and the latest hardware; your member mechanics will be making recyclable vehicles made with reusable foam board, cardboard, PVC pipe, wheels and axles.

Your elected “Pit Crew Boss” will assign tasks to fellow crew members. You will need planners, builders, and drivers. The “Pit Boss” will ensure the team follows the timeline and budget guidelines, as well as supervise the project. The planners will develop the construction budget; timeline and materials list for purchase. The builders will pimp the ride, perform the actual hands-on labor. Some basic tools will be available at the workstation, but ingenuity and brainstorming will be the tools your team needs most.

Each car and team will be judged on their ability to work together, follow a budget, and build according to the outlined specifications. The final challenge will be a downhill race on a plywood track. We will celebrate with our “Winner’s Circle” awards ceremony and present awards for best “Pit Crew”, 1st and 2nd Place Race Teams and best Overall Team!

Strengthen your group’s communication skills while promoting a sense of camaraderie; Recycled Racing is the best deal on wheels! This activity is designed for two or three person teams maximum.