Salsa Showdown

This gastronomical challenge combines creativity with culinary skill. The tone of your Salsa Showdown will be set as teams come into the meeting site to the beat of Latin music. Each team will have a designated table equipped with a mixing bowls, spoons, knives, cutting boards, aprons and team wrist bands.

In the center of the room, bonus ingredients will be placed, and teams will send your team leader to answer specific Texas trivia questions to earn unique flavors for your creations. Some teams will win cheese or beans while others earn fruit or spices. The faster you are at answering trivia questions – the better a selection you will have to choose from.

Within the allotted amount of time, each team must create a recipe, prepare your dish and design your table scape with whatever you can get your hands on. After teams complete their salsa preparation – you will take a break out of the room to prepare your ‘TV’ commercials. Yes, these are glorified skits. Teams will have to push your creativity into high gear to create something new and unique in order to best the other teams. While teams are preparing the commercials – the judging team will be tasting salsa and looking at the table scapes. Teams will be judged on creativity, presentation and taste. Judges can either be members of the participating company or event staff. A head judge will be provided to aid with program flow and scoring. This fine panel of judges will then sample and score all.

All of these tasks will require organization, so a team captain should be designated from the start. It will be the captain’s responsibility to delegate assignments to the rest of the team. While each team member will have a specific assignment, you must all work together, if you are to win over the judge’s taste buds.

In the end the combined scores of the taste of your salsa, the presentation of your table scape, and the creativity of your TV commercial will determine who is the over all winner of the Salsa Showdown!