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Our Team Building & Event Planners specialists at i Entertainment in Dallas excel in creating custom scavenger hunt team building activities such as a Photo Scavenger Hunt, Incredible Race, Corporate Survivor and many more.


Team Building Dallas, Event Planners DallasPhoto Scavenger Hunt

Teams will be given a “map” to guide you on your journey as you work to recreate several picture poses and camera angles provided for you. General venue trivia and / or games clues will be provided as additional brainteasers. As pictures are taken – team facilitators will judge the pictures with digital cameras provided for this activity. Teams are encouraged to use their facilitators who know the area. The EXACT pose and camera angle are extremely important.

We do not encourage participants to rush, and some of the angles are tricky and require team help. We want you to use different people in each shot so that everyone can play (and we get better pictures at the end of the program). Teams must complete tasks such as a photo challenge, trivia questions and an item challenge that involves gathering local objects and artifacts.


Team Building Dallas, Event Planners DallasIncredible Race

In the Incredible Race your group will be divided into teams who will come up with something that unifies them. Next you will receive the race course and a clue to your first stop along the raceway. In the Incredible Race, it is time for you and your team to learn about cooperation while competing against other teams from your group. The Incredible Race’s team building challenges will push your group’s buttons and boundaries with fantastic games that will have teams eating, finding, and creating things together.

We will custom create a course for your group focusing on your goals and utilizing the uniqueness of your group and venue. Your teams will be tested on their teamwork without them even realizing it. No one loses with this fun, fast-paced, Incredible Race – but who will win?!


Team Building Dallas, Event Planners DallasCorporate Survivor

Corporate Survivor is a series of games that combine strategic planning, coordination of resources, cooperation, and collaboration. Teams will compete in three to five challenges where you must plan and perform specific activities. Points are awarded based the success of the team in these games and activities. Some of the fun challenges include “Escape from the Amazon” – where teams decide the ten most important items to will take with you – and why. Our “Jungle Crossing” challenges teams to pick up as much treasure as you can – and of course there is a catch – participants are blind folded. Other challenges include: “Acid River”, “Crossing the Quicksand”, “Blind Square” and “Last Drink”. This series of events will foster trust and teamwork within your group. One of the important lessons learned during this program is that team survival takes “u” and “i”. Plus, you will have a blast!


Team Building Dallas, Event Planners DallasTreasure Hunt

Great adventurers have climbed mountains and scoured the ocean floor; all trying to find that elusive clue or fragment that will change their lives forever. Your team’s treasure hunt will be a little less dangerous, but a great deal more fun! A map, a big red “X” and treasure! Some challenges are mental and some are physical, but all lead to one thing; the location the hidden treasure chest. Teams are formed and assignments are given out. Each team must decide on the Champion, Statesman, Discoverer and Brain. Then to the first order of business: designing and making the team flag before you can take off on your quest.

Working off the maps, teams will meet oddly dressed people along the way – our facilitators! Sometimes our people will help them and sometimes they will not.  It all depends on the physical and mental prowess of your team, because treasure hunts are rarely straightforward. Can your Brain figure the overriding theme of your team’s adventure? Will your Discoverer dig deep enough to find the correct clue? At the end of the hunt, all the teams will meet at the final locale and hopefully have the clues and answers all set. However, to find the Treasure, the teams will have to choose to work together or lose the treasure forever!


Team Building Dallas, Event Planners DallasI-Hunt

The i Hunt is a cool, high-tech version of our popular photo and paper-based scavenger-hunts. With our i Hunt, all you need is your brain, your thumb and a smart phone. During the i Hunt, all clues and challenges are transmitted through text and email to keep teams fully engaged. This hunt is high-tech, fast paced and fully interactive.

Teams will use Smart phones to do activities, such as finding the address of your first location using your World Clock App, taking creative photos with your teammates, or solving a location-based riddle. Photos can be sent in directly from the team leader’s cell phone, or can be uploaded from the digital camera app after the hunt. At the end of the hunt, you will have collected all the information you need to figure out the final clue and reach the finish line.



Team Building Dallas, Event Planners DallasKindness Wins

Kindness Wins is a one-of-a-kind team building treasure hunt in which teams earn points for committing random acts of kindness in your community. In our fast-paced, my-me-mine culture, Kindness Wins provides a timeout from thinking of ourselves and turns the focus on helping others. Throughout the session, teams of five to six participants sporting Kindness Wins t-shirts will be let loose in a city near you to help others. Whether it is offering an unsolicited compliment to a stranger or sharing with a fellow team member what you appreciate about them on our Kindness Cam, everyone is sure to get back more than they give.

Participants will earn “Good Karma Points” for each act of kindness. Half-way through Kindness Wins, these points will be redeemed for cash that groups will use to commit random acts of kindness that accomplish the greatest possible good. Later on in the exercise, groups will earn points for creating a list of kind actions they commit to taking back at the workplace. Now that is the kindness in action!

So if you are looking for an engaging, action-packed team building activity that not only benefits the team, but also the community, Kindness Wins is just what you are looking for. This event will surely be a day to remember and treasure.