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Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthMinute-2-Win It
Features competitors participating in a series of simple, yet nerve-wracking challenges that escalate in level of difficulty using everyday household items. Each game has a one-minute time limit and failure to finish the task on time will eliminate the contestant. At various points throughout the game, the competitor can walk away with the money earned up to that point — but it’ll take nerves of steel to complete all tasks.

Some of the challenges include: This Blows, Johnny Apple Stack, Chandelier Tower, Junk in the Trunk, Breakfast Scramble, and Blind Ball. This program is a great way for groups to learn to maintain productivity under pressure.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthTeams on Fire
‘Teams on Fire’ is the ultimate test of the mettle of your team. How will your group perform when introduced to a series of events and mini-challenges with surprises and curve balls galore? This test of ability will consist of a number of fast paced initiatives with a scoring mechanism to determine where strengths, and areas for improvement, exist in your team.

With communication skills highlighted in each event, we will explore team strengths such as planning, resource sharing, accountability, problem solving and processing experiences. With each activity chosen to cover a range of critical team building areas, this is one session that will paint a picture of the true measure of your team! With a fresh look and different perspective on how workplace problems can be viewed, the program ends with discussion on the lessons incurred and the transfer to a work related context.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthCasino Team Building
This fun event is a combination of measured team building activities and the risk/reward of blackjack, poker and a pair of dice! Working in sub-teams, this fun and competitive event starts of with a few fast paced challenges that result in an initial score for each team. We begin with the initial activity that is a Card Racing event where a deck of cards and is organized in competition against the other teams.

Teams must determine their level of risk tolerance and the poker hands are shown. Teams are now quickly moving up and down the board based on outright skill and an understanding of playing the percentages (and maybe a little luck!). After a single poker hand reshuffles the standings one last time, a final team building activity will determine the winner!


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthGo Team Sports Challenge
Raise your team’s spirits with this wacky, high-energy team sport challenge. After forming teams, your group will be provided with colored bandanas for easy identification. They will come up with a team name, design their team flag and start working on their anthem. With high-energy music in the background and the stellar voice of your play-by-play announcer, your Teams will rotate through very light athletic sports challenges such as Tri-Volleyball, Wacky Relay, Ball Brigade, Dizzy Discus, Giant Tricycle Race, Flatland Skis, Water Bomb Launch, Team Shot Put, Team Anthem and more.

Our Go Team Sports Challenge is an exceptional way to build Team Spirit while competing for Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals that are placed around the winners’ necks at the closing ceremony. This program can be themed and customized for your group and our scoring system is designed to keep teams competitive with each other throughout the event. Medals are awarded during the closing ceremony and plenty of photo opportunities throughout the festivities create long lasting memories.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort WorthTeam Power!
Team Power is a series of openers, icebreakers, warm-ups and energizers that we customize to address your situation. So, whether you’re merging two separate teams or trying to energize your own group, we can design a series of short programs that will address your specific needs.
Team Power will help create a positive, energized atmosphere.

These short programs, when strung together to address your specific needs, will help break down social barriers and relax your group with fun activities that will challenge them to think outside the box. Each short program is followed by a short debrief so your group gets as much as possible out of each segment.


Team Building Activities Dallas, Fort Worth

It’s Not Rocket Science
We have a problem; Four words that bring dread to any team, whether in the boardroom or at mission control. This event starts with a video review of some of the problems encountered by Houston’s mission control and the Apollo 13 astronauts. While your teams are not likely to experience these types of life and death challenges in thei

r business environment, they will inevitably experience challenges that will require innovation and teamwork to solve.

The program encourages teams to look at the challenges in different ways. The key to problem solving is collaboration and communication. As in outer space, the challenges are time and result bound. A missed step could lead to disaster. Your group will be formed into squads who will go through Astronaut Training, Building a communication tower, Space Walk, and Astronaut Rescue With the It’s Not Rocket Science program, problems will be encountered through each of the challenges, shrinking times, no communication.