The Big Picture

Your team will get the big picture with this fun and colorful Team Building activity. Each participant will be placed onto one of the nine teams, where you will receive a piece of white canvas to paint on. You will also receive pencils, paint, and your own black and white photo of what your canvas should look like. You will then outline and paint the canvas with colors of your choosing.

Now that you’ve completed your piece of the canvas – how will it look with the rest of the ‘Big Picture’? Now the teams come together and see if what they worked on actually works with what everyone else was working on. It almost never does – but that’s the joy of Team Building. Now each team works with one another to change, rework, or correct their individual paintings so as an overall team – they have a true ‘Big Picture’.

What are you going to do with this unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art work? You can always take it back to the office and hang it in your lobby or break room or you can donate it. There are charities that enjoy donated art work such as this and you could bring smiles to the faces of a lot of people by donating your Team Building creation. Regardless of what you decide to do with your artwork – the memory and bonding of this experience will stay with your team for a very long time. Who knew what a little paint and canvas could create for you and your co-workers? Guess you are starting to see The Big Picture!