Ultimate Board Game

The Ultimate Board Game is fun, energizing, fun, exhilarating, fun, competitive and …oh yes…FUN!

This high-energy Team Building activity requires teams to compete against each other by answering trivia questions and completing assigned problem solving tasks while moving around a giant “game board”!

We begin by creating teams with four to six people per team: Each team will be given a writing tablet, pen and poker chip container. After each group has identified a team leader, the whistle is blown and all of the leaders roll a single dice to determine how many spots to move along the game board. Controlled chaos ensues with all the teams moving along the board at once. If a team lands on a trivia square, the leader will grab a trivia question from the box and quickly agrees on an answer with the team. The leader will rush over to the trivia master with the answer. If correct, you will earn a poker chip worth ten points! If incorrect, you will earn no points. In either case, you must immediately roll the dice again to continue moving along the game board.

If you land on a challenge square, you will visit the challenge arena and will be given a mini-activity to complete as a team. Once completed, you will earn thirty points for that challenge – again in the form of a different colored poker chip – and will immediately return to the game board to roll the dice.

It is very fast paced with all of the teams playing simultaneously. Additional points in the form of white poker chips will also be awarded throughout the event for exceptional leadership, team spirit and enthusiasm. In fact, thousands of points will be given out in this manner with the best teams taking full advantage by demonstrating unbridled enthusiasm! This event is nonstop action!

Team Building Monopoly Game

Team Building Monopoly Game