Western Team Challenge

Teams move from challenge to challenge, collecting raffle tickets based on how well you do at each activity. Once all the activities have been completed you can use your tickets to purchase items to decorate either your ‘Indian Chief’ or ‘Western Sheriff’ for the big ‘Ho Down Fashion Show’ at the end of the Team Building. Games can include:

  • “Teepee Target”: Three targeted bullseyes are set-up three feet, six feet, and nine feet away from the team. Each team member gets a chance to shoot at the targets. There are fewer points for shooting the closer target than the far away target. The team gets a chance to earn the most points. There is no way to know until the end which team has the highest score.
  • “Western Movie Challenge”: Your host shows a picture of a movie. For every movie the team gets correct – you get a ticket. Watch carefully – some movies might be used more than once – and just because a cowboy is in the picture – does not mean it is from a western!
  • “Stick Horse Relay”: Anyone can ride a stick horse. Can three people ride the same stick horse? If you can ride – what do you do? Each team has to ride your horse from point A to point B. You pick up a puzzle piece from point A and take it to point B. Once all of the puzzle pieces have been moved from point A to point B – the team has to assemble your puzzle. The faster you can build it – the more tickets you will receive.
  • “Can you Can-Can?”: Our dance instructor will teach each team how to Can-Can. Each team will be given time to practice and orchestrate. During the ‘Ho Down Fashion Show’ each team can demonstrate your own variation of the Can-Can that can tie into theover all ‘Ho Down’ Experience. Sound system can also be used for the final ‘Ho Down’ shows at the end of the experience.

Now that each team has a ton of tickets – you can head to the ‘General Store’ and use your tickets to purchase what you need to make the best Cowgirl or Western Sheriff you can create. Imagination is the name of the game with hats, beads, glitter, paint, feathers, beads, shirts, and more available for ‘purchase’ at the General Store. Want more tickets? Some games will be open for teams to go back through to get more tickets.