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The quintessential answer to head-to-head competition! Projected on a 6’x 8′ pulled spandex screen – we have ‘super-sized’ some of the most popular games going right now. The arcade version of Dance Dance Revolution™, the high-octane Guitar Hero™ or Rock Band™, and several Wii™ stations are available.


Each station includes a dedicated gaming system, screen, projector, and staffed by a facilitator who will keep a steady stream of guests playing the game and stopping ‘hogs’ from owning the arena. With one in every corner of your event you can entertain all of your guests with customizable fun and excitement!


We offer some of the hottest games available right now!

  • Wii Play (Billiards / Fishing / shooting range / tanks / ping pong)
  • Wii Resort (sky diving / wake boarding / fencing / archery / frisbee golf)
  • Mario Kart (driving game)
  • Guitar Hero Rocks the 80’s / Guitar Hero II / Guitar Hero Smash Hits
  • Beatles Rock Band
  • DJ Hero
  • Family Game Night (Connect 4 / Battle Ship / Yahtzee / Boggle / Sorry! / Sorry! Sliders)
  • Carnival Games (Dunk Tank / Spilled Milk / Balloon Darts / Merter-o-Love / Ring Toss / Day @ the Races / Hole in One / Clown Splash / Shooting Gallery)
  • Circus Games
  • Chicken Shoot (it’s a gun slinging western game)
  • DDR Max 2 (Dance / Dance Revolution) / DDR Hottest Party 3
  • Lego Batman
  • Madden NFL 10

Choose Your Wii Games / Be a Rock Star and choose your Guitar Hero Song / Battle Your Band and choose your Rock Band Song


Arcade Games

We also offer a complete selection of classic retro 80’s arcade games. Flashback with games like Pacman™, Frogger™, Donkey Kong™, and so many more! You can have your own arcade as a part of your event!

If you played it in the 70’s and 80’s, we have it. Don’t see it listed here? Ask us!


 Pac-Man  Mappy  Time Pilot
 Ms Pac-Man  Millipede  Pinball Action
 Pac-Man Plus  Moon Cresta  Van-Van Car
 JR Pac-Man  Mr. Do  Xevious
 Donkey Kong  Mr. Do’s Castle  Zaxxon
 Donkey Kong Junior  New Rally X  Frogger
 Donkey Kong 3  Pengo  Space Invaders
 Galaga  Pleiads 1942
 Galaga 3  Phoenix 1943
 Burger Time  Pooyan  Amidar
 Centipede  Qix  Arkanoid
 Gyruss  Scramble  Bomb Jack
 Hustler  Shao-Lin’s Road  Congo Bongo
 Ladybug  Space Panic  Crush
 Jumping Jack  Super Breakout  Dig Dug
 Juno First  Super Cobra  Dig Dug 2
 King & Balloon  Tank Battalion  Galaxian
 Gun Smoke